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5 Month Internship Program

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If you would like more information regarding this programme, please contact us at [email protected] Please reference programme name.

5 Month Internship Program

This program is designed for TEFL graduates or non-graduates who would like practicum experience in teaching while traveling and learning a new culture. This internship allows candidates to experience actual classroom teaching experience without making a long term commitment until candidate is ready to pursue a career in teaching abroad. Our team is ready to offer support throughout your internship!


1) Good command of English language, both written and spoken.

2) At least 18 years or above with a valid passport.

3) No previous teaching experience necessary.

4) Friendly and adventurous!




  1. Airport Pick-Up.
  2. Bank Account Assistance.
  3. Chinese SIM Card Assistance.
  4. Escorted to your accommodations.


1) Orientation and meet the staff of Shanghai Meiji!

2) Candidates will train with our professional staff trainer in preparation for interviews and demos, which most schools will require.

3) After interview/demo, candidates will be placed in a school.

4) Continuous training and teaching tips shall be provided throughout internship.


1) Free accommodations throughout internship.
2) Candidates shall be given a monthly living allowance of 4,000 Yuan.

3) After successful completion of internship, candidates shall receive a 2,000 Yuan flight allowance and free TEFL course to gain TEFL certification.

4) Reference letters shall be provided.