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Fresh Graduate Program

This program is designed for fresh graduates with at least a Bachelor’s Degree but do not have any teaching experience. This program offers a chance for fresh graduates to obtain extensive TEFL training and job placement, while enjoying the benefits of traveling and experiencing a new culture. This program is a yearly contract and will help you pursue your career in TEFL abroad! Our team is will provide necessary support to help you have a comfortable year.


1) Good command of English language, both written and spoken.

2) BA Degree or Above.

3) No previous teaching experience necessary.

4) Friendly and adventurous.

5) Able to commit to a yearly contract.




1) Airport Pick-Up.

2) Bank Account Assistance.

3) Chinese SIM Card Assistance.

4) Escorted to your accommodations.




1) Orientation and meet the staff of Shanghai Meiji!

2) Candidates will train with our professional staff trainer in preparation for interviews and demos, which most schools will require.

3) After interview/demo, candidates will be placed in a school.

4) Continuous training and teaching tips shall be provided throughout the year.


1) Free accommodations throughout program.

2) Competitive salary.

3) Candidates shall receive a round trip air ticket from home country to China.

4) Reference letters shall be provided.

5) Candidates will obtain legal working visa and residence permit.