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Fun Online English Teaching Here We Come!
28th Feb 2020

Due to the current NCoV-2019 Coronavirus, Shanghai Meiji provides free foreign teacher resources to children in remote areas. The children are a bit nervous to have online classes with American teacher for the first time and is an eye-opener for children to explore the world of online teaching.

Mask Donation
27th Feb 2020

Shanghai Meiji managed to get masks from formal and proper channels,contribute masks for those needed especially this special period 2019-nCoV Coronavirus outbreak.We are glad to help and donate for free.

Annual teaching summary meeting with famous kindergarten in school
9th Jan 2020

It's been honored that attend the teaching meeting of our cooperating school~Aiju kindergarten. At the meeting, the kindergarten took good efforts with the achievements and progress of all the foreign teachers in this semester. Meiji also cooperated with the kindergarten to complete the teaching arrangement of the new semester.

Summary meeting invitation from Shanghai famous school
8th Jan 2020

Invited to attend the year-end foreign teachers' summary meeting of Shanghai famous Aiju primary school. The school has carefully prepared all aspects of evaluation and expectations for new semester. What a pleasant meeting atmosphere! Looking forward to better coorperation with school for the coming new semester!

Work Permit Teachers in China!
2nd Jan 2020

Happy New Year 2020!Shanghai Meiji gladly announce the teachers arrived in China,we arranged chinese cultural classes and day touring in Shanghai,in order to make foreign teachers more integrated into Chinese Culture.Both teachers are very happy and had unforgettable moments before they start onboarding to their school.

Shanghai Meiji is willing to thank everyone’s effort for this blessing event, and wish everyone the best for the new year 2020.
31st Dec 2019

“The betterment of the world can be accomplished through pure and goodly deeds, through commendable and seemly conduct” Mr. Lee (the leader of Shanghai Meiji)spent 10 years to understand and practice this sentence. On 29th of September 2019, with the help of 24 teachers (from remote regions in China) Shanghai Meiji gathered our friends, neighbors and friend’s friends donated 139 kids winter clothes, and very soon we got kids’ greeting cards.

Celebrating our intern finished teaching program!
19th Dec 2019

Shanghai Meiji invited Canadian teacher Monty to have lunch together to celebrate fininshing his intern here. Monty also shared his experiences and suggestions about teaching and living in China through videos. We both firmly believe this kind advices are very useful for those new teachers who plan to come to China looking for teaching experiences.

Great touring day welcoming our intern Merzy here in Shanghai!
19th Dec 2019

Warm sun in winter with golden leaves all the way! What a great day with our UK teacher Merzy touring in Shanghai! We are like old friends who have known each other for a long time though it was our first day out sighting. We waited until six o'clock at The Bund and see amazing light show!

Famous PYP School in Shanghai
17th Dec 2019

It is a great honour to recommend the drama teacher to one of the famous school in Shanghai named World Foreign Language School. We have recommended 3 very good teachers with WFLS. School is satisfied with our service and team. Looking forward to further cooperation!

Another work permit approved!
17th Dec 2019

Good news! Shanghai Meiji is glad that another foreign teacher's work permit has been approved! We are specialist and professional in handling work visa and placing foreign teacher to the right school!

Merry Christmas
17th Dec 2019

Everyone got the chocolate as a christmas gift! Shanghai Meiji wishing you Merry Christmas and may the joy of Christmas be with you throughout the year!

Intern's trip in Zhaojialou
23rd Nov 2019

Zhaojialou is a water town with a combination of historical culture and natural scenery in Shanghai.Our intern and his parents enjoyed very much during the trip and would like return again someday in future.

Recruits foreign teachers for Spring at Teesside University
4th Nov 2019

Our recruitment Team recruits foreign teachers for Spring at Teesside University, UK! Teesside University was founded in 1930 , is a rising star of British universities, and ranks seventh in the UK in education! Passing through the school business faculty and seeing the wall painting of the Shanghai Bund,the team will try the best to introduce more talents for the rising China!

Job fair of University of Plymouth
30th Oct 2019

Shanghai Meiji team has attended the University of Plymouth job fair, which the university was founded in 1862. This is the third time that Shanghai Meiji has recruited teachers from this university.Our team have a slogan,to introduce and get the teachers from overseas and company with good reputation, recognized by overseas graduates.

Job Fair in University of Edinburgh
29th Oct 2019

Shanghai Meiji entered one of the world's top Edinburgh University job fair. The team went to the United Kingdom in order to introduce the best teaching talents to China.

Intern's Family Trip
28th Oct 2019

Ellen's family came to Shanghai, and Shanghai Meiji has arranged a trip to ancient garden name Guyiyuan and Chinese Art Musuem. This special designed route and meticulous arrangement has made the foreigners feel the warmth of the international community.

Explored 古猗园(Guyi Garden)
17th Oct 2019

Meiji took 4 teachers from US, UK and Netherland to discover Traditional China last Saturday! We explored 古猗园(Guyi Garden), Which was built since Ming Dynasty(1522-1566A.D.) and Liuyunchan Temple which was built since Liang Dynasty(505A.D.) and of course we tried some well-known local foods such as Nanxiang Dumplings. We had an amzingly great day and this lovely moment is definately going to be remembered for a a very long time.

The Mid-autumn Festival
10th Sep 2019

Shanghai Meiji prepared sweet mooncakes for every foreign teacher. Yesterday, foreign teachers came to the company. They asked why there was a rabbit and a fairy on the Mid-Autumn Festival mooncake. Meiji colleagues told them the prepared story once, and they enjoyed it! We let them taste a mooncake with a cup of black tea. They said that mooncake plus the black tea is a perfect match, just like the coffee with snacks.

Two Native teachers got their work permit
30th Aug 2019

Shanghai Meiji is the company where we build trust. We are happy to share that our two Native teachers got their work permit with our partnered school. We provided them then services of translations, authentication of documents etc.; as a result of this they have extended their happiness and now more excited to be the English teacher in China. If we tell you how good we think this message is, you probably won't believe us. As we say in Shanghai Meiji we build trust and relationship, this is an important step on this road.

Happy birthday
16th Aug 2019

Yesterday our colleagues Essy, Sandra and Jeff had a birthday so we threw them a little birthday party. We celebrated that day with a lovely cake and had a wonderful time. Let's wish them all happy birthday!

Invited by the Kindergarten Affiliated to Shanghai Tech University
12th Aug 2019

This morning, our colleague Ronnie was Invited by the Kindergarten Affiliated to Shanghai Tech University.He went to discuss foreign teachers' cooperation on behalf of Shanghai Meiji! The scale of the kindergarten is second to none in Pudong new area, and there are primary and middle schools under the group. We are looking forward for a happy cooperation!

Teacher Training Project has been successfully completed
6th Aug 2019

During the summer vacation of 2018 Shanghai Meiji held the first "Training for Teachers from Remote Areas" in Shanghai Bilingual School of Ulink. It also greatly encouraged Shanghai Meiji to continue to serve the public in the summer of 2019.

Farewell party
30th July 2019

Three Canadian foreign intern teachers completed the company contract on the same day. They plan to leave China. All of our members held a farewell party for them. We shared the cakes and feelings the whole afternoon. Shanghai Meiji also gave them a gift to go to Disneyland. They enjoyed life in China ! They will never forget this experience.

5 Months Teaching Internship Programme
12th July 2019

This is your chance to experience some of China's most exotic and amazing and would like to spend 5 months teaching in China, this internship is for you! Our internships are a great way to continue learning at the same time as gaining valuable teaching experience and you will be arranged for tour trip in Shanghai with a lot of fun!

Internship program
11th July 2019

Ronnie took Oliver, the handsome British boy, on a day trip! Nanxiang old street, a thousand-year-old temple Yunxiang Temple, as well as the lotus blossom of the ancient Yiyuan, tasted the famous Nanxiang soup bun, eat content, play fun! (P.S. Nanxiang is a great place to click pictures)

Internship program
3rd July 2019

This internship is a fantastic opportunity for new aspiring teachers or anyone who would like to have some practical experience in teaching while traveling and learning a new culture. Shanghai Meiji provide day touring in shanghai and our interns really enjoyed it!

Buffet Team Building
1st July 2019

We had a lot of fun and good time to enjoy the mid year team building especially the various types of seafood to enjoy! Thanks Shanghai Meiji for arranging and hopefully more to come!

Dragon Boat Festival
07th Jun 2019

It cannot be happier that all of us got the Zongzi( (rice dumpling) and we really enjoyed a lot together to celebrate this meaningful day.Shanghai Meiji wishes everyone Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

Partnership meetup in Dublin Ireland
09th Apr 2019

Our friendly Irish partner,who has been cooperate for several years,welcoming us and showing us around the city.We tried local famous whisky and been evaluated the whole year summary,two sides were very satisfied with the brilliant archievements and hope for the best cooperation years ahead!

IATEFL Conference in Liverpool
02th April 2019

Shanghai Meiji has participated in the 2019 IATEFL conference in based in Liverpool at beginning of Apr 2019 . The conference has been attended by 3,000 world education experts. Lilian, our company recruiting director,Master of Education in UK Nottingham University has met a lot of education experts and the event was very successful!

Next Stop:Birmingham
30th Mar 2019

We travelled to Birmingham and visit our partner,we were surprising that her husband is joining along and he is one of the famous micro-artist Graham Short in UK who inserted into the eye of a needle to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. It was a good chat and the chat was very successful.

Partner visiting in Brighton United Kingdom
29th Mar 2019

Shanghai Meiji recruitment team came to Brighton and visit our partner; We have summed up the cooperation in 2018 and discussed the further cooperation in the autumn of 2019! British partner expressed great recognition on our mature operation and looking forward to build stronger partnership!

Visiting trip to Plymouth University in United Kingdom
28th Mar 2019

Shanghai Meiji Team came to Plymouth University looking for more teachers,the graduates are really exciting about the whole programme with the opportunities teaching in China.Looking forward for more good news from our company recruitment team!

Camus's Birthday Party
26th Mar 2019

It was our "Superman" Camus‘s birthday last Friday.It was fun and we really enjoyed a lot.This is Camus's fourth year in Shanghai Meiji and he played an important role and be responsible for teacher airport pick-up and house moving.We wish Camus Happy birthday and all the best ahead!

Exciting Internship Program
05th Mar 2019

In order to help our interns to settle down in China,Shanghai Meiji arranged one day trip for interns to explore Shanghai City,a center of innovation and progress in China.This will help the interns to know about chinese culture and mix of ancient traditions! It is an exciting program and you will have more fun,come and join us!

Disneyland day!
15th Feb 2019

Our interns completed 5-months internship program and got positive feedback from the school! Shanghai Meiji rewarded them with a day trip in disneyland.They are very happy and enjoyed! Kindly ask us for more information!

Lovely 5-months Internship Program
8th Jan 2019

Amazing one day trip with our friendly staff.We are looking for hard working individuals to join a 5 months teaching internship program in Shanghai, China with an amazing opportunity to experience life in another country, and become more globally aware.

Finding a right job!
14th Dec 2018

Shanghai Meiji arranged about 60 interviews in November 2018. Our team has shown the efficiency of finding foreign teachers suitable teaching positions. If you are seeking for a teaching job position, please contact us for more info.

Suzhou Annual Preschool Education Annual Conference
13th Nov 2018

One of the biggest education fair in Suzhou,Shanghai Meiji gathers a lot of updated information in preschool education field through seminars.The fair was very successful and happy to be part of this event!

IEIC Education Fair Nov 2018
5th Nov 2018

It is a great honour to participate the education fair in Shanghai Exhibition Center last weekend.Shanghai Meiji managed to keep close relationship with the reputation schools and explore more opportunities in order to expand our network connecting with our clients.It was fun and grateful with this opportunity.

Autumn Trip Team Building
22nd Oct 2018

A great day to have our team building in one of the most beautiful ancient town in Tong Li, Jiangsu Province last Friday. We really enjoyed it and the scenery was amazing. Lots of pictures were taken and hope we will be back soon.

Happy Moon Festival
21st Sep 2018

The Mid-Autumn Festival is the second grandest festival in China after the Chinese New Year. It takes its name from the fact that always celebrated in the middle of the autumn season. The day is also known as the Moon Festival, as at that time the moon is at its roundest and brightest.Shanghai Meiji wishes everyone a Happy Moon Festival!

Mid-Autumn Celebration
21st Sep 2018

Every interns and foreign teachers LOVE the moon cakes!!! Shanghai Meiji would love our interns and teachers to experience this unique Chinese festival. We hope everyone can enjoy this festive season and also the atmosphere during the time they spend in China. Happy Moon Festival!

Relaxing Afternoon Tea
4th Sep 2018

A very hot Weather with relaxing afternoon tea has brought all Shanghai Meiji co-workers a happy atmosphere, but also with a relaxed mood to meet better job challenges.What a great day!

One-day Trip in Shanghai
27th Aug 2018

What a lovely day to take our 3 interns to have one-day trip in Shanghai! The interns were excited to experience the unique cuture of China and also the charm of this magical metropolis. Shanghai Meiji provides versatile programs combines teaching experience ,learning the Chinese language and culture.

Head East for an adventure 5 months internship in China!
20th Aug 2018

Head East for an epic adventure 5 months internship in China! With an amazing mix of ancient traditions and futuristic cities, living and teaching in China will be a life-changing experience!Hence,we also provide one day trip in Shanghai for you to explore the city.Lets join us!

7-Day Intensive County-level English Teacher Training
7th Aug 2018

Finally the program was completed and everyone has done well.We feel honored especially for the help given by Ulink,which has make this program such a success.We plan to organize more such events to better and enrich the lives of Chinese English Language Teachers to benefit their students and society.

7-Day Intensive County-level English Teacher Training
7th Aug 2018

After several days of intensive training,the teachers are very active and enthusiastic. We have arranged the trainers from UK and US.Trainers have shared a lot of skills and teaching methods.The main purpose is to help the teachers to not only improve their English skills but also to give them a rich life experience.

7-Day Intensive County-level English Teacher Training
7th Aug 2018

The intensive teacher training program has begun. 28 Chinese English teachers from different remote areas(Inner Mongolia,Gansu,Guangxi)has arrived in Shanghai.We welcomed these teachers and appreciate these teachers who came all the way to Shanghai to improve their English teaching skills.

5 Months Internship Teaching In China
19th June 2018

Our internships are a great way to continue learning at the same time as gaining valuable teaching experience. You will be teaching children between the ages of 2-13 years old.Experience the real China by spending 5 months living and teaching English in one of the culture capitals of the world.

Nǐ hǎo 你好 Internships In China
17th May 2018

Our internship program is designed to focus on internship and living your life in China to the fullest without worrying about any of the big stuff like housing, airport pickup and finding a place to learn Chinese.Our new interns are settling into Shanghai life with a trip to the Bund.Good luck on your new journey.

Seeking volunteers to help improve the quality of English teaching in remote areas in China this summer
27th April 2018

Shanghai Meiji will set up a 7-day intensive training course for volunteer teachers in Shanghai.Please note that quota limits to 30 County-level, township-level and village-level English teachers. We hope to have your support to make a difference for our children.

Chinese Cultural Exchange
30th March 2018

Our Internship Program includes Chinese Courses, Calligraphy,Paper Cutting lessons for interns to get a better understanding of Chinese culture and also have a pleasant time in China. We are looking forward to having more wonderful experiences with the ones who are interested in our internship program.

Internship Day Trip
27th March 2018

Shanghai, where serves as the most influential economic, financial and cultural center in East China. Also it is a popular travel destination for visitors to sense the pulsating development of the country. We arrange an enjoyable trip for our interns to have a memorable experience and looking forward to see you soon.

Learning Chinese Culture
19th March 2018

Enriching internship experience by learning and understanding the ins & outs of Chinese culture. Our program interns have done well and had such a great impression of learning Calligraphy and Paper Cutting. This is part of our internship program and we look forward to you joining us!

Internship Program
10th March 2018

Specially thanks to our partner Nikki and Kate from Ireland organization which helps Shanghai Meiji on this internship program.This program will help to explore more chinese culture and create teaching opportunities.We are looking for more partners to join us and we have more fun on our one day trip in this program.Stay tune for more information.

Office Renovation Done!
30th January 2018

Finally,Shanghai Meiji office has finished renovate and the whole company has expanded.We have great vision to get more quality teachers and schools feel free and welcome to visit our office or having interviews.This shows the growth of the office to match our ambitious with this challenging but beautiful Shanghai City.Let's catch up!

Famous IB International School in Shanghai
22th December 2017

It is a great honour to be invited by the famous IB International School in Shanghai - Pinghe Bilingual School to talk about cooperation with Shanghai Meiji. The meeting was very successful and school needs more IB and subject foreign teachers.Wish us have a good future for cooperation.

Southampton Solent University
4th December 2017

Shanghai Meiji was welcomed to the job fair by Southampton Solent University on November 17, 2017. Great to see so many students are interested in Chinese culture and also the teaching opportunities in China.

Job fair in University of the West of England
4th December 2017

What a lovely day speaking to many students and professors at the job fair in University of the West of England on the 14th of November! Shanghai Meiji does not only offers teaching opportunities but also great tips to travel in Shanghai.

Great fun at teacher training
4th December 2017

Great fun at teacher training in Wuxi Scholastic on November 20th. Learn how to make activities fun and educational. Also, how to tie the lesson’s target language into the game we play in class.

We're off to the United Kingdom!
19th July 2017

Our staff members, Mona and Linda, will be in the UK during the months of October and November 2017. We are excited to meet many universities, colleges and students in the UK. If you are a school, freelance recruiter or an agency, in the UK, looking for a partnership with Shanghai Meiji, we’d be happy to schedule a meeting!

The Sixth Job Fair
19th January 2016

Our sixth job fair was held at Shanghai Jiaotong University on Tuesday 19th January 2016.

Shanghai Meiji Events in the United Kingdom
21st October - 21st November 2015

We held presentations, talks and joined networking events at 7 different universities in the UK!

The Fifth Job Fair
24th August 2015

Our fifth job fair was held at Jiaotong University on Monday 24th August 2015. Thank you for the who came and we hope this event provided plenty of opportunities for both the schools and teachers.

The Fourth Job Fair
19th June 2015

Our fourth job fair was at Jiaotong University Easy Coffee and Tea on Friday 19th June 2015. This was a very successful event and we had over 16 teachers and 14 schools attend our 4th Job Fair.

VIP Job Fair with an International Division School
28th May 2015

We had a highly successful joint event with a High School's International Division. We invited over 20 highly qualified teachers to this event to lear and hold interviews with the subject leaders!

The Third Job Fair
30th March 2015

Held at Jiaotong University, we would like to express our gratitude to Abacare and Oxford University Press for attending our Job Fair. At this event, we invited TED Guest Speaker Adrian Cahill.

The Second Job Fair
8th January 2015

We invited over 40 attendees to our second successful Job Fair that help many candidates seek new opportunities. Oxford University Press and many more organisations attended this event.

The First Job Fair
18th November 2014

Held at Jiaotong University, we invited over 30+ attendees to our first ever Job Fair that help many candidates find new opportunities. We would like to thank all the teachers and schools that attended.